BCI Academy

BCI Academy is an educational opportunity that brings additional value to the academic foundation provided through a public online curriculum. BCI Academy was formed by BCI as the partial fulfillment of an objective to create a tuition free public charter school opportunity to the students of Bastrop County. We are currently supported by modest student tuitions, gifts, and community sponsorships.

Why a charter?

A charter school is a public school that is accountable to state standards, but given flexibility to be more creative in addressing the specific needs of students in a community. We want choice to be available to all students, regardless of their ability to afford private school tuition. We are not yet a charter school, but we are working toward that goal.

Are charter schools really better?

Like any venture, public charter schools are only as good as their planning and execution.   Charter schools are evaluated according to the Accountability Standards set forth in the Texas Education Code and in the Texas Administration Code.   Charter schools, as other public schools, are required to provide cost efficient and effective education.  Also, studies have shown that charter schools:

  • Benefit community economic development,
  • Produce larger achievement gains in both math and reading than traditional public schools,
  • Produce students who graduate and attend college at significantly higher rates than students at traditional public schools, and
  • Generally have operating budgets significantly lower than other area public schools.

Who is funding this?

Charter schools receive funds from the state at approximately 70% of the per student rate of other area public school systems.  Most Charter schools augment their funding by seeking other public and private sources for gifts and grants. We are currently funded by modest student tuition, gifts, and community sponsorships.

But you’re going to be taking all the best kids out of the current public schools!

This public charter school is designed for students of all achievement levels.  Many of our community’s families already home-school or send their students out-of-town to a private school because of the lack of choice of education methods in the local community.    We strongly believe that it is a family’s right to choose the education option that best suits their students.

But you’re going to pull money out of the public schools!

Students that come to the charter school from current home or private schools will provide an increase in federal and state money coming to the public school system in our community.  Many of these have indicated their interest in our school.

What kind of learning environment do you intend to provide?

We intend to provide a project-based, investigative, hands-on system of learning.  We understand that many students learn best through research intensive, multi-discipline projects that stimulate students’ understanding of science, technology, engineering, math and the arts.